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April 19th, 2005


Toronto, ON - Proposed amendments to Canada’s Copyright law could kill creator rights in Canada, a coalition of creator organizations said today. The organizations, represented by the Creators' Copyright Coalition (CCC) and Droit d’auteur/Multimédia-Internet/Copyright (DAMI©), said that the proposed copyright legislation announced by the government on March 24 will deny Canadian creators the right to earn a living from their works.

“The government had assured us that the legislation would respond to our concerns, and instead the Ministers of Heritage and Industry have proposed a withdrawal of protections for creator rights,” said Bill Freeman, Chair of the CCC. “This Saturday, April 23 is World Book and Copyright Day, a time when we should be celebrating creative works and copyright, not fighting to protect them. We urge creators to take this opportunity to let their Members of Parliament know that their plan is not acceptable.”

Creators and performing artists want their works, which are currently available in a variety of formats, to be accessible on the Internet, which is a valuable tool for promoting works and contributing to creators’ livelihoods. However, the CCC asserts that facilitating the access of Internet users to works protected by copyright should not deny artists and creators the right to control their work, nor should it affect just compensation for digital use. The CCC is also concerned over the proposed removal of any Internet service provider liability, and asserts that the proposed changes go only a small distance towards recognizing the rights of performing artists.

The CCC denounces any proposed exceptions to copyright protections that will deprive creators of the payments to which they’re entitled,” said Freeman. “We urge the Ministers not to introduce the legislation as proposed, and we demand that instead they follow the recommendations of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage report, which offered solutions that were fair to creators and users alike.”

In May 2004, the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage issued its Interim Report on Copyright Reform, which was prepared and adopted unanimously by an all-party committee, including Mme. Liza Frulla, prior to her appointment as Minister of Canadian Heritage.

The CCC, together with Quebec-based DAMI©, represents more that 140,000 artists and copyright owners across Canada. For more details on their response to the Government’s statement, see the backgrounder Joint Declaration of the Creators’ Copyright Coalition and DAMI© On the Process of Revision of the Copyright Act. The Government’s statement on the proposed amendments can be found at: <>

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