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Sam Bulte at Industry

By Op-Ed Editor | October 31, 2005

Sarmite (Sam) Bulte, MP, longtime parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, back to the Sheila Copps days, has a new assignment. She’s still parliamentary secretary to Heritage Minister Frulla, but she is now also parliamentary secretary to David Emerson, Minister of Industry.

This is notable because Industry and Heritage have been at loggerheads over copyright for years. Industry quickly identified going digital as an economic necessity for Canada. It had a big role in getting Canada hooked up to internet and broadband. Unfortunately, once it helped build the pipe, it seemed keen to push content into it without much regard for copyright.

As a result, the Industry ministry seemed to lose contact with the cultural industries, and their interests were left to Heritage, as if we were a museum or something based on federal subsidy.

Sam Bulte has been a strong advocate for culture and knows as much about copyright as anyone on Parliament Hill. Here’s hoping her new role at Industry will start bringing Heritage and Industry back together.

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