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Internet Smackdown

By Op-Ed Editor | November 15, 2005

The Globe and Mail’s Jack Kapica’s had a column the other day at www.globetechnology.com, retailing the legend that the licensing collective Access Copyright wants to tax the internet and charge you money to view your aunt’s website of her trip to France. (Yeah, and have you seen the other one — Canada Post is going to tax email, to compensate for lost revenue. Sure it is.)

If you read Kapica, put ‘roanie” in the search feature to connect to a letter from Roanie Levy. She’s an IP lawyer and Access Copyright staffer who actually understands these issues. Wearily, she puts Kapica back in touch with reality. No Jack, actually, copyright licensing agencies only license what’s copyright.

It’s depressing to see how urban e-legends have such currency. Kapica is a smart guy with a major news org, and should know better. But I guess the discussion has to be held.

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