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Status of the Artist

By Op-Ed Editor | December 13, 2006

Back when, this blog feature was supposed to be a minor traffic-director on the side of the website, drawing attention to all the important stuff elsewhere on the site. But new stuff on the rest of the site has run a little slow.

However, please investigate the tab up above that says “Status of the Artist.” All new material!

Creators — like those who created this coalition — have two realities. We need robust copyright law to enable us to assert our interest, economic and moral, in our own work. But even the best copyright law does us little good if we find ourselves surrendering rights to publishers and producers by private contract.

This site is about exploring what copyright should be in the 21st century. And Status of the Artist is about the other part — enabling creators to hold their own in the marketplace.

Status of the Artist is already in place federally, in Quebec, and in Saskatchewan. With so much of the creative industry focussed in Ontario, it’s Ontario law and practice that really needs to be informed by SotA rules.

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