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Canadian Music Creators organize

By Op-Ed Editor | April 28, 2006

Worth looking at: the new site of the The Canadian Music Creators’ Coalition here.

The formation of the Creators’ Copyright Coalition was driven by creators who understood the growing disconnect between creators and producers over copyright matters. Creators must speak for their own interests in copyright, since producers always speak for theirs.

Nowhere has that disconnect between creators and producers been greater than in between musicians and record companies. This new organization is fresh proof.

Thanks for a link to this from the blog of the Professional Writers’ Association of Canada here — always worth checking in on.

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TO lawyer to study collectives

By Op-Ed Editor | April 19, 2006

Canadian Heritage has commissioned Toronto lawyer C. Craig Parks to undertake a study of collectives in Canada and how they operate. He’s opened a blog at www.copyrightcollectives.wordpress.com

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Rehearing Robertson-Globe

By Op-Ed Editor | April 11, 2006

Last December the Supreme Court of Canada heard the Heather Robertson-led class action case against the Globe & Mail for copyright infringement, and a ruling was expected this spring. Essentially, the Globe bought first-serial rights, then kept selling the material on a permanent basis without permission or payment. (Somehow, this has not been an open-and-shut case.)

Now the Court will rehear the case, because they have a new judge, Morris Rothstein, and they want him to be part of it. Rothstein is an IP law veteran.

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Guessing Tory Copyright

By Op-Ed Editor | April 4, 2006

Everyone in World O’Copyright speculates on what copyright legislation from the new Conservative government will look like, a sport encouraged by the relative silence of the government itself.

Michael Geist now has his speculations at his blog www.michaelgeist.ca

Like everyone trying this game, he combines an attempt at predicting Torythink (a market-based system of copyright?) with some wishful thinking (what would be done if they listened to him). But it’s an interesting outline, and much of it is rather attractive.

May be a while anyway. Nothing about copyright legislation in today’s Throne Speech.

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