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Copyright Bill — silence

By Op-Ed Editor | January 12, 2007

Even those well-connected to Ottawa are reporting dead silence on progress toward introduction of Copyright Act reform legislation. Minister Bev Oda survived the cabinet shuffle (despite some media predictions), but that has not let to overt signs of action.

Some alarm-raising goes on. CBC online yesterday had a short Technology story about the imminent danger of a bill that would empower Ottawa to come and seize your iPod, pretty much. It was based on opinions from Michael Geist and Howard Knopf, mostly. But it had no real info about the actual progress of the bill or its contents.

Addendum — January 17: Media coverage of Industry Minister David Emerson’s trip to China emphasized the push to persuade China to start taking intellectual property seriously. Would that be having any influence on how his department is thinking on domestic IP matters?

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