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Strange Bedfellows: CanWest at New Republic

By Christopher Moore | February 26, 2007

A Globe and Mail story today (not online, it seems) says CanWest Global has obtained majority control of The New Republic. There’s a thought to chill the blood.

CanWest plans to make the magazine profitable in three years “in large part because of website revenues.”

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Two Minute Warning

By Op-Ed Editor | February 23, 2007

Someone’s invented software that allows radio stations to edit any piece of music into two minutes max for more convenient play. Lots of long-form alternative musicians are suitably appalled.

The download rip-and-burn generation discovers moral rights.

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Actra Strike

By Op-Ed Editor | February 20, 2007

Any strike is tough for those actually engaged, but for everyone else this ACTRA strike gets more and more interesting.

The crucial point now is how much actors will get paid for Internet uses of their work. Lots of fighting over it, interventions by the Americans, last-minute hitches, and so on.

But the point is: they are fighting over HOW MUCH. It’s worth real money to everyone. It’s worth all the hardnosed negotiations.

RIP that old 1990s Lessig-Geist idea that everything digital must be priced at zero and somehow subsidized by revenue from other media. Digital is just another (vital) means of communication. It generates revenue; it has costs. Paying the rightsholders is one of them.

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Canadian Television Fund

By Christopher Moore | February 15, 2007

When Jim Shaw and the other cable barons began announcing they would no longer make their mandatory contributions to the Canadian Television Fund, I thought, no problem. If they don’ t want the aggravation, they can hand in their cable licenses. Surely someone else could be found to step in to take up the burden.

So it was satisfying to see Konrad von Finkelstein, new head of the CRTC, say pretty much that: there are conditions, they are mandatory, and they must be met.

But in the Globe & Mail today, business reporter Konrad Yakabuski suggests the fix is in and the Television Fund is out. He points out that when Heritage Minister Bev Oda was a CRTC governor, she was against the Fund. He suspects with a bit of fiddling, the cable barons will be able to spend the money on themselves.

Bad sign.

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ERDC reports settlement feelers

By Op-Ed Editor | February 5, 2007

While Robertson v Thomson was moving through the Ontario courts, Quebec saw a similar class action case involving freelancers who argued their electronic rights were being appropriated by the Montreal Gazette and the Southam chain. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s Robertson decision of last fall, the Montreal writers, organized as the Electronic Rights Defence Committee, report that their legal counsel will meet the other side on February 15 to discuss possible settlement terms.

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Hill Times on Copyright bill

By Op-Ed Editor | February 4, 2007

Simon Doyle in The Hill Times has some evidentlywell-informed speculation about the timing and content of a copyright bill. It’s here.

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