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Jan Wong’s Copyrights

By Op-Ed Editor | April 20, 2007

In the current Toronto Life, David Hayes examines the Globe & Mail‘s spat with Jan Wong. One of the ways they are trying to pressure her, he notes, is by threatening to prevent her from writing a new book — by challenging her copyrights in her own work. “Think when we pay you to, Jan, not otherwise.”

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The Awakening today

By Op-Ed Editor | April 16, 2007

Arts Awakening on Parliament Hill today (info here). From your mouth to the Hill’s ear.

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June Callwood

By Christopher Moore |

Much honour paid to June Callwood in the Globe & Mail and elsewhere today, and so there should be. But I recall that June Callwood refused to be published in the Globe for many years, because it had become impossible for an independent writer to work with the Globe‘s corporate policies.

June’s influence came because she was June. But initially it came because she was a journalist — the kind of journalist that would no longer find a career in the media we have today.

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Culture of Theft?

By Op-Ed Editor | April 12, 2007

Warren Kinsella, old punk trying to age disgracefully, explains here why today’s musicians tour constantly. (Johnny Rotten explained it to him.)

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The Awakening

By Op-Ed Editor | April 4, 2007

Artists to gather on Parliament Hill April 16 to “awaken” this government to the value of the arts. More at www.writersunion.ca/av_awakening.asp. Be there.

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