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As other see Bev Oda

By Op-Ed Editor | June 30, 2007

US online mag www.slate.com asks “What do Culture Ministers do?” (They don’t have one, obviously.) The duties of Canada’s Heritage minister, it says, “are largely ceremonial — attending awards functions, cocktail parties, etc.” Slate credits an Ontario Culture ministry functionary, Guy Lepage, among its sources.

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Marley and Moral Rights

By Op-Ed Editor | June 24, 2007

John Grogan was a newspaper columnist for years. Then he wrote the best-selling Marley and Me — and left the paper.

Now the paper bundles up his old column, shapes them into a book, and offers them as the new book by John Grogan, beloved author of…., etc, etc., without even informing Grogan.

Grogan is doing all he can to impede them. Details here

This is what moral rights are for and why you don’t want to waive them. Not about money, just about the right to be the author of your own works, or to be anonymous if you prefer.

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Conference finds: Marco and Rajan

By Christopher Moore | June 1, 2007

On the conference circuit — and greatly impressed by two speakers. Prof Vincent Marco of Communications at Simon Fraser University studies big media and corporate concentration. He argues one vital response to “one big owner” is going to have to be “one-big-union.” Freelance and staff writers are going to have to organize more effectively. He thinks big: he’s thinking of freelancers in India as well as in North America. One of his books, apparently, is about the concept of “internet oversell.” More to come…

And Mira Sundara Rajan of the Law School at UBC — an IP law professor who takes copyright seriously! Her recent book is Copyright and Creative Freedom, and she’s seriously interested in how they support each other, notably in the realm of moral rights.

Reviews to follow. But worth noting both Marco and Rajan are Canada Research Chairs. Some good people in those positions, no?

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