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Pogue on generational morality

By Op-Ed Editor | December 21, 2007

David Pogue, the authoritative technology blogger of the NY Times, actually believes there is a purpose to copyright. Increasingly he fears the kids don’t, and it worries him.

Interesting thing about kids, though. They grow and change. Back in the 1960s Quebec separatists said “All the kids in Quebec believe in independence, so our majority is inevitable.” Well, lots of the kids in Quebec still do, but for forty years kids have becoming adults, and the majority never quite emerged.

Nice little story Pogue tells though.

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Small outbreaks of rationality and good sense

By Op-Ed Editor | December 13, 2007

John Degen writes on copyright in the online alternative press paper Straight Goods here

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Songwriters on access and rights

By Op-Ed Editor |

The Songwriters Association of Canada has a proposal for how to facilitate digital transmission of music without plundering creators’ rights and incomes.

Unusually for copyright proposals, it’s clear and relatively simple. And they welcome you to sign on.

It’s right here at the Songwriters’ site.

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Degen and friends

By Op-Ed Editor | December 11, 2007

Much lively talk on copyright here, particularly if you follow the links.

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Modest proposal: copyright inquiry

By Christopher Moore | December 10, 2007

As copyright policy seems to intimidate all governments, and particularly minority governments, and since copyright policy has always been more about horsetrading exemptions for privileges more than sorting out principles rules, and as who shouts the loudest seems to have the most traction with legislation-writers, how about….

Let’s not have a new copyright bill, at least not one with any substantive changes beyond the WIPO ratification minimums.

Let’s have a public inquiry. Hell, let’s have a Royal Commission. Get someone not insane, and see what they come up with as a set of principles that a government might feel empowered to endorse.

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It begins again… or not

By Op-Ed Editor |

A new copyright bill is to be introduced in the House of Commons sometime after 3 pm today.

Sometime after 3.01 pm Michael Geist will announce in seventeen different media that the bill is a carbon copy of the American DMCA legislation of some years ago. Then everyone will sit down to read and digest the bill.

Update: And then, um, it did not appear. Rumours that Industry Minister was intimidated by protesters outside his home on the weekend…! Mobs of enraged copyright pirates rampaging through the streets on the strength of a rumour….?

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