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Canadian Federation of Students on copyright reform

By Op-Ed Editor | April 29, 2008

The CFS has released a set of ideas about copyright and copyright reform. It’s pretty interesting, and it’s downloadable from their site.

They express the conventional alarm about someone imposing a dreaded “American-DCMA” regime on us. But most of their thinking is American-derived. They want a fair use version of fair dealing, They assume big education needs a free ride. They have nothing to say about WIPO obligations and no interest in how Canadian collectives could provide access and rights. When they call for an end to Crown copyright, they follow the American theory that copyright is about payment, not about the integrity of documents.

Still, lots of clear writing and interesting thinking here. Note their perception of the importance of moral rights — an escape from the American all-up-for-grabs paradigm.

And they are talking about their ideas at Copycamp in Toronto www.copycamp.ca

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