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Actra on the television contract

By Op-Ed Editor | July 24, 2008

Actra, the actors’ union, voicing support for Canadian Film and Television Producers Association in negotiations with the TV networks over program rights.

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Who’s the greatest threat to creator copyright…?

By Christopher Moore | July 4, 2008

… the we’re entitled-to-it-all-free-forever ideologues in the universities and the blogosphere? Or the publishers we have to work with?

D.B. Scott’s Canadian Magazines blog, source of the above, also notes that Toronto Life is giving up its blogs because “they weren’t drawing sufficient audiences” and advertising revenue was “less forthcoming than had been expected.” Jeez if that becomes the standard, the blogosphere is gonna shrink bigtime.

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By Op-Ed Editor | July 3, 2008

In the early days of this site, when we got a lot of spam-comment and not much genuine response, we simplified the op-editors’ lives by doing without a comments page. But recently we’ve had had some interesting mail, some of which hung, unfairly neglected, for several days. So, despite any note still lingering on the site (pending some tweaks) that we don’t run a comments feature, we’ve published them all (find ‘em under the “send us a comment” tag). Thanks as always to our readers.

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Who is it that is full of passionate intensity?

By Op-Ed Editor | July 2, 2008

Little piece in the Globe business pages notes that early press reaction to Bill C-61 featured “a steady stream of sensational stories” throwing around words like “police state,” and it links most of them to a certain Facebook crowd. But professional reaction among copyright lawyers has been a lot calmer, and the journalists are noticing. Full story is here.

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