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Copyright in 560 AD

By Christopher Moore | September 27, 2008

Next time they tell you copyright was invented for publishers by the Statute of Anne in 1702, link ‘em here. It’s a copyright case from c560 AD, resolved on the basis, “To every cow belongs its calf, to every book belongs its copy.” Copyright’s as old as creativity, and as natural.

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Creator supports publishers’ copyright in principle. It’s just…

By Op-Ed Editor | September 10, 2008

Bookninja has a provocative post about a creator’s certain weariness in defending publishers’ copyrights. Noteworthy comments too.

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CBC Ideas on Who Owns Ideas? (Actually the CBC does)

By Christopher Moore |

Ideas on CBC Radio the other night ran a program by one of its staff producers on “Who Owns Ideas?” — available here

Haven’t had a chance to listen yet. But from the lineup, the conclusion looks predictable.

I have a personal connection here. I used to freelance documentaries for Ideas; great program, wonderful people to work with, many good programs created together. I had started to drift away from radio (I have a great voice for print, frankly), but about that time they introduced a new contract (much to the regret of Ideas staff as well as us freelancers) that required freelancers to surrender copyright to CBC, so the Corp could have unlimited re-use rights without compensation. It’s not precisely because of that that I’ve never done another one, but…. Anyway, when the CBC asks “Who Owns Ideas?” I know the answer already!

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Questions for the politicians:

By Op-Ed Editor |

CCC has been discussing questions creators and their organizations might put to the political parties and their candidates. Some suggestions:

Canada has fallen behind every other developed country in copyright reform. What are the plans of your party to implement the WIPO treaties, modernize our legislation and improve the copyright protection of the works of creators?

New technology is affecting creators’ rights in ways that deprive them of compensation for the exploitation of their creations. Is your party considering copyright law policies that will ensure that technology does not negatively impact on creators’ ability to earn a living?

Pirating of creators’ works on the Internet has become widespread. This has resulted in the significant loss of income for musicians and promises to become a major problem for film makers, writers, visual artists and other creators. What does your party plan to do about this problem?

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‘Nother one bites the dust

By Op-Ed Editor | September 8, 2008

Bill C-60 died. Now Bill C-61 has died. No doubt there will be a C-62 (and a KillBill62 website five minutes later, probably!). What are the odds of, say, getting this first-stage copyright bill passed into legislation before we are at C-74?

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If you use Google’s new browser Chrome…

By Op-Ed Editor | September 4, 2008

does Google then get limitless rights to everything you do?

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