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Google settles with authors and publishers

By Op-Ed Editor | October 29, 2008

Publishers Weekly reports Google has settled with a coalition of authors and publishers in the United States and will begin paying to licence access to the copyrighted works it includes in its “Index to Everything” essentially, a project to scan the text of every book in the world and make it searchable.

Authors and publishers received a lot of abuse as luddites and enemies of progress from IP scholars and freecopiers on this issue. But this is the solution that was always available. These rights were always available for licensing once Google was amenable to recognizing the value in the rights they wanted access to. It was never a problem about access, just a problem of unwillingness to pay. And since Google’s capital reserves are immense and the earnings potential of its indexing project equally large, that was not really a problem either.

Some background to the story is available here , if you read far enough.

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Can free culture survive the crash?

By Christopher Moore | October 27, 2008

Andrew Keen doesn’t think so. I’m not convinced.

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John Degen to Ontario Arts Council

By Christopher Moore | October 16, 2008

John Degen, executive director of PWAC, CCC stalwart, and creator copyright activist par excellence had been named as the new literature officer at the Ontario Arts Council. He’ll do terrific work there, but he’ll be missed in the advocacy role he’s filled so well in recent years.

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Smackdown — John Degen on campaign pledge demands

By Op-Ed Editor | October 3, 2008

John Degen, here, looks into dodgy campaign pledge demands that have been orchestrated by law professor Michael Geist. The comments are a must-see too.

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C-61 is still dead but…

By Op-Ed Editor | October 1, 2008

new copyright legislation passes the US Senate underscoring “the importance lawmakers place on protecting intellectual property.”

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